Masterpiece Collection & full artistry photographic

We create two finishes of fine art portraits, full artistry photographic and our Masterpiece collection which is a fine art photo rendered as a painted portrait. It’s a blending a of old and new technologies to create the most exquisite detailed digitally painted portrait from the original photo. Just like a traditionally painted portrait many hours are spent rendering the photo as a painting by our fine art artists team. Once the digitally rendered piece is complete the  image is then made in to a giclee print on museum grade canvas, protected by UV varnishes and for the very best presentation we offer our handmade jointless framing from traditional artisan British frame makers who’s work adorns many museum walls. As an option your final art piece can be embellished with acrylic gels giving it actual texture of brushstrokes.

Producing such exquisite fine art portraits is something we have been working on for a long time to create something unique and you will be hard pushed to find another photography studio in the Uk offering portraits made in this way – we have yet to find one. You can know that you will have something quite unique to celebrate your family and will be treasured for many, many years by you, your children and your children’s children. It will be a legacy to your family and will stand the test of time to last in excess of 200 years. All our framed masterpiece collections fine art portraits and full artistry photographic portraits comes with our lifetime guarantee.