Dress Sense


Some thought needs to go in t selecting the clothing you and your family will wear for your portraits. Considering your portraits may well indeed hang on your wall for many years, careful consideration will pay off, have in mind we are going to be creating photographic art, not a snap and for many this may well be the first time you have ever had a professional fine art portrait created. The following checklist will help you:

  1. First decide the theme you would like as a family, formal, smart casual or casual.
  2. Coordinate colours. This is very important to the harmony within your family portrait. Dark works best, so blues, reds, browns. Try to maintain the same dark colours for all family members, black being neutral can be combined with any colours. Dark colours are slimming as well as keeping the attention on the subjects face, a portrait is about the person’s face and dark colours help to achieve a uniform look. Please DO NOT wear patterned clothes as these are very disturbing to the eye in a family portrait. If one person has a patterned item of clothing it will clash and draw attention away from other family members in the same way if everyone is wearing dark and one wearing light colours it will upset the harmony of the portrait..
  3. Classic styles are best, they are timeless which means the portraits will stand the test of time and you will appreciate this more in the future.
  4. Our recommendation is to wear the clothes you would wear if you went to a top restaurant but it it is your portrait and so you should select the clothes that make you feel your best, whether that be cool, sexy, smart, sophisticated etc.
  5. I highly recommend not leaving your clothes choices to the day of your portrait session, it is best to have everything ready in advance so there are no stresses on the day. You want to arrive as relaxed as possible for your portrait session. If ladies are wearing ball gowns/dresses then feel free to bring these and change in to the clothes here, you don’t want your smart clothes all creased for your portraits.